Chocolate Peanut Butter Crackers

Savory Saltine Party Crackers – premade
Peanut Butter
Melting Chocolate

1. Line baking sheet or tray with wax paper.

2. Spread peanut butter evenly on crackers then top with another cracker. Pop in refidgerator to firm up peanut butter.

3. Melt chocolate according to package directions.

4. Place peanut butter cracker into the melted chocolate.  Use a fork or tongs to flip cracker, lift out and let excess chocolate drip off. Carefully slide onto waxed paper lined baking sheet.

5. When all crackers are dipped, place tray in refrigerate for about 10-15 minutes or until chocolate hardens.

Recipe Options:  Use Saltine Round Crackers, Dip in white chocolate, Drizzle with contrasting chocolate, Use Nutella instead of peanut butter

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