About Us

Our Savory Story


Savory's famous saltine seasoning came about as a labor of love from our employees. By taking a family recipe and adding new ingredients, we created the ultimate flavor for a party cracker. They are super "savory" and have just enough kick to make them zing. That's how the name came about, it’s everything you would expect from the word SAVORY! 

We have served them in our Café M Bloomers and folks started asking for a way to create them at home. So, we started putting our seasoning in easy-to-use packages. They became popular very quickly. No Bake...Simple to Make! Turning Ordinary Crackers into Amazing Party Crackers! Available in 10 Flavors and Ready Make Kits.

Our newest addition is Savory's Line-up of 3 mouthwatering Dip Mixes. Just as easy to make with no cooking involved and yet another way to make you the Rockstar of any event. 


We hope you love our signature Savory Seasonings along with our expanding line of gourmet products, as much as we do. Drop us a line and let us know - we love to hear your comments and suggestions!